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The usage of pile chambers is best for crossing supply lines.

This system combines shoring plates and trench sheets.
The pile chamber is the guiding frame for trench sheets and at the same time it is the upper support.

The excavator can easily push in the trench sheets before excavation takes place. The adjustment of the required working width is effected by means of SBH spindles and extension pipes.

With additional plate guiding profiles the pile chamber can be used also for the slide rail shoring. Trench sheets type KD 6/8 is the most used type.

Pile chambers for other trench sheets are available on request.

Trench width: 1,30 - 4,59m
Spindle clearance height: up to 2,00m
Plate lengths: up to 5,00m
Installation depth: up to 6,00m


Construction CO.
Project Name
E.M.C GS Construction Co. TangJeong Industry Complex Utility Pipe Works
Han-River Water System Sewer Pipe
Maintenance Works: 2nd Section(NamYangJu)