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Double Slide Rail

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Due to the second guide not the entire shoring height must be removed at one time during the removal but only the shoring plate in one guide.
Same like the other shoring systems also here the compatible rolling struts can be used and offer thereby a wide range of application.
When laying pipes with over length the rolling struts can be positioned staggered in height so that they allow the putting in of the pipes.
The usage of the Double Slide Rail Shoring takes place especially in deep trench constructions where high strut clearances are required and the terrain tends to settings. By bringing in a soil support also larger strut clearance heights can be made possible and with our patented adjustable clamping device even strut-free shoring pits are realizable.
Pits and trench ends can be closed all around by means of corner slide rails and shoring plates.

Standard Rolling Strut Slide Rail
Trench width: 1,99 - 12,00m
Strut clearance height: max. 3,60m
Plate lengths: max. 6,00m
Installation depth: up to 6,20m without top rails up to 9,00m with top rails

Mega Rolling Strut Double Slide Rail
Trench width: 1,99 - 12,00m
Strut clearance height: up to 4,30m
Plate lengths: up to 6,00m
Installation depth: up to 9,00m


Construction CO.
Project Name
SeoSan-Si JeonU E&C Co.
SeoSan-Si Sewer Pipe Maintenance Works
KyungSan-Si HanJin I&C Co. KyoungSan-Si Sewer Pipe Maintenance Works
Kimhae-si Posco Construction Co. Busan-Kimhae light rail transit
KOGAS Hyundai co. KOGAS #13,#14 Plant works